Your Outrageous

Life Course

How To Uncover Your Hidden Power & Create An Incredibly Abundant Life.

Your Outrageous Life Course

How To Uncover Your Hidden Power & Create An Incredibly Abundant Life.

You want something more out of life. You want to know how to achieve it.

If this resonates with you, then…

Your Outrageous

Life Course

was designed specifically for you.

During the 8 Lessons,
we will dive deep into the principles covered in my book,
The Lawyer and the Law of Attraction.

Here are our goals:


Discover what your authentic abundance would look like


Understand why the law of attraction may not have worked for you


Learn why just changing your behavior will not change your results


Understand what Paradigms are and how powerfully they affect our lives


Discover how to reprogram your Paradigms in order to achieve your authentic abundance


Uncover the science behind “The Secret”


Learn the abundant life skills that no one else is teaching

The Lawyer and the Law of Attraction.

The Course

Your Questions + My Answers

My eight lesson download will explain all the amazing concepts of the Universe contained in my book and connect all the dots. Much more than that, this program moves beyond concepts and principles to offer solutions that adapt to your life, your goals, and your situations. Together, we will develop a strategy to unlock your hidden power–and incorporate abundance into your life. Your Outrageous Life.

What participants are saying about this class

“I have taken Paula’s classes five times now and each time I learn something new and definitely get more from the experience. I come away inspired and energized after each class. Paula is warm, witty and fun…I’d recommend this class to everyone enthusiastically. She has such clarity of thought and passion for her subject matter that you can’t help but change your life.

“Paula has taught me to envision my goals and dreams in order to reach them and not only have I made huge, positive changes in my life, I’ve learned to feel better and be in control of my daily thoughts. I’ve manifested dream vacations, home remodels and even friendships. But more importantly, she empowers me to be my best, most loving, most giving and most world-changing self.”

Anna K.

“An awesome class taught by an amazing individual. The class material was an eye opener and wonderful breath of fresh air. Paula is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the subject matter she teaches. Thank you for the opportunity to make a difference in not only my life but also those around me. I am blessed beyond measure.”

Nancy C.

“Paula’s ‘Your Outrageous Life,’ program definitely stretches and expands one’s thinking. Activities are fun and applicable. Just by changing the way I think (my thoughts), life experiences are also changing daily for the good of all my people. Paula will lead you through the steps to understand these concepts and assist you in creating the “outrageous life” we are all seeking!”

Amiee B.

“This lecture series, ‘Your Outrageous Life,’ brings together profound concepts to use on a daily basis. I learned how the power of my thoughts bring me appreciation, joy and abundance in all areas of my life. I know these concepts will benefit everyone, no matter where they are on their journey.”

Ann J.

“Taking Paula’s class is already making a positive difference in my life. I have begun changing my outlook on everything…from my morning routine, to driving to work, to how I make daily decisions for my company. I am looking forward to all the great benefits I continue to reap from this class.”

Keith D.

and see how Your Outrageous Life can make a real difference in Your Life!

and see how Your Outrageous Life can make a real difference in Your Life!

Eight-week course valued at $999.00

Sign up now and your price is only $396.00!

A savings of $603.00!

One payment of $396 or three easy payments of $132 each.

I am sure you will will find this course is what you have been seeking, however, your investment is 100% Guaranteed! If within the initial thirty days of your enrollment you are not completely satisfied, simply send us an email with a brief explanation and your money will be promptly refunded.

Price includes:

Eight weekly Video Downloads that introduce a new lesson each week.

Audio Downloads for your phone so that you may listen throughout the week.The repetition of the material is critical to your success with this program.

Exercises featured during each class to download and print.

All of this is yours to keep for future study of Your Outrageous Life.

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